Denmark - Data - 6-29-10

(1995 & 1999 - Denmark - youth cannabis use) "In 1995, more than 17% of the 15-16 year-olds report ever having tried cannabis. There was a significant increase in 1999 where the share that state having ever tried cannabis is over 24%. 8% had used it within the last month; in 1995 this was 6%. There are great differences in experimental use between boys and girls in 1999 when 30% of boys and 19% of girls state having ever used cannabis. Twice as many boys as girls had used cannabis during the last month."


Report to the European Monitoring Center on Drugs and Drug Addiction by the Reitox National Focal Point of Denmark, Sundhedsstyrelsen (National Board of Health), "Denmark Drug Situation 2000: National Report on the State of the Drugs Problem in Denmark" (Denmark: National Board of Health and EMCDDA, December 2000), pp. 24-25.