Spain - Law - 6-29-10

(Spain - decriminalization of personal use) In Spain since 1992, "possession for personal use of all drugs has not been subject to criminal prosecution. Nevertheless, when a person is caught in possession of a modest quantity of drugs and police have no further suspicions or evidence that more serious offences are involved, such as sale or traffic, the drug will be seized. The case will then be transmitted to the administrative authorities, so the person will receive a notification to attend a meeting with them. If found guilty of possession of drugs for person use, they will be charged with a fine ... especially if presenting signs of addiction, the person is invited to follow counseling or treatment."


"Decriminalisation in Europe? Recent Developments in Legal Approaches to Drug use" (Lisbon, Portugal: European Monitoring Centre on Drugs and Drug Addiction, November 2001), p. 3.