Prevalence and Frequency of Marijuana Use in the Netherlands by Gender and Age

"Frequency of use
"• In 2009, last month prevalence of cannabis use was 4.7%; 30% of these last month users reported daily or almost daily use. This is some 1.3% of the total population aged 15 through 64 years, or 141.000 (almost) daily cannabis users in absolute numbers.
"• One quarter (25%) of the current users consumed cannabis a few times per week, 21% at least once per week and 24% less than once per week.
"• For other drugs the number of past month users is too small to allow a further breakdown in frequency category.
"Age and gender
"• The numbers of users are only sufficient for cannabis to make a breakdown by age and gender of recent users.
"• Cannabis use was highest in age group 25-44 years. In 2009 last year prevalence was twice as high in this age group compared to age group 25-44 (figure 2.1.1).
"• The prevalence of last year cannabis use was more than 2 times higher among men than women (9.8% as against 4.2%)."


Van Laar, Margriet, et al., (2012). The Netherlands drug situation 2011: report to the EMCDDA by the Reitox National Focal Point. (Utrecht: Trimbos Institute, Netherlands Institute of Mental Health and Addiction), p. 40.