Federal Support for Drug Free Community Programs

"In August 2011, the Administration announced $12.3 million in new DFC Support Program grants to 87 communities and 20 new DFC Mentoring grants. In addition, nearly $76 million in continuation grants were awarded to 607 currently funded DFC coalitions and 12 DFC Mentoring coalitions. In this grant cycle, 74 percent of the new competing awards serve urban areas. This reflects a significant rebalancing among the types of communities funded by the DFC Support Program: Of the 718 grantees that currently make up the DFC program, 43 percent are urban and 47 percent are rural communities. In addition, Native American populations are served by 8 percent of the total DFC awards. A national evaluation of the DFC Support Program found that youth substance use has declined significantly in DFC communities.20"


Office of National Drug Control Policy, "National Drug Control Strategy 2012" (Washington, DC: Executive Office of the President, April 2012), pp. 6-7.