Lifetime Prevalence of Use in Portugal Compared with Other EU Nations

"For the period 2001–2005, Portugal—for the 15–64 age group—has the absolute lowest lifetime prevalence rate for cannabis, the most used drug in the EU. Indeed, the majority of EU states have rates that are double and triple the rate for postdecriminalization Portugal (see Figures 15 and 16).68
"Similarly, for usage rates of cocaine (the second-most commonly used drug in Europe) for the same period and the same age group, only five countries had a lower prevalence rate than the Portuguese rate. Most EU states have double, triple, quadruple, or even higher rates than Portugal’s, including some with the harshest criminalization schemes in the EU."


Greenwald, Glenn, "Drug Decriminalization in Portugal: Lessons for Creating Fair and Successful Drug Policies, Cato White Paper," CATO Institute (Washington, DC: 2009), p. 22.