White House Drug Control Budget Request

"This budget proposal includes more than $7 billion in funding, an increase of more than $200 million, for opioid efforts and initiatives across the government. Almost every Department is providing support for efforts to target every aspect of the opioid crisis, including prevention, treatment, overdose response, recovery support, domestic law enforcement, interdiction, and international efforts.

"In addition to the focus on opioids, the Administration is increasingly focused on methamphetamine trafficking, use, and overdose, and is working to expand efforts in these areas. Unfortunately, misuse of stimulant drugs is growing following this period of heightened depressant use. Taking on the methamphetamine problem is a significant focus for the National Drug Control Strategy. In addition, the State Opioid Response Grants program has a permissible use to address the methamphetamine problem.

"Overall counterdrug funding increases to $35.7 billion in the FY 2021 President’s Budget."


"National Drug Control Budget: FY 2021 Funding Highlights" (Washington, DC: Executive Office of the President, Office of National Drug Control Policy), Feb. 2020.