Levomethadyl Compared with Methadone

"It is now clear that methadone as well as LAAM can prolong the QT interval, and that instances of TdP have been reported with both agents. Screening to identify patients at risk for unacceptable degrees of QT prolongation ought to be a part of agonist treatment with any agent known to be a torsadogen. With proper screening and ECG monitoring it seems likely that arrhythmias associated with agonist therapy can be reduced substantially or prevented. Once such screening becomes routine there may be an opportunity in the United States, where LAAM is still approved, to persuade a pharmaceutical company or the government to make it available again. Many clinicians believe that LAAM adds an important therapeutic option. Perhaps even the EMEA would reconsider its decision to withdraw its approval of LAAM."


Jaffe, Jerome, "Can LAAM, Like Lazarus, Come Back From the Dead" (Editorial), Addiction, Aug 9, 2007, Vol. 102, No. 9, p. 1343, doi:10.1111/j.1360-0443.2007.01976.x