Injection Drug Use by People in the US Aged 21-30

"In the thirteen-year (2004–2016) combined sample of young adults aged 21–30, 1.5% report having ever used any drug by injection not under a doctor’s orders, and 0.5% reported doing so on 40 or more occasions (Table 4-1a). Thus, about 1 in every 67 respondents has ever used an illicit drug by injection, and about 1 in every 200 respondents reports an extended pattern of use as indicated by use on 40 or more occasions. There is a fair-sized gender difference -- 2.3% of males vs. 0.9% of females indicate ever injecting a drug. The percentage saying they injected on 40 or more occasions is 0.7% for males and 0.3% for females. The proportions of young adults who have injected drugs during the past 12 months without medical supervision is considerably smaller: 0.5% overall -- 1 in every 200 respondents -- including 0.8% of males and 0.3% of females (a significant gender difference). The proportions using 40 or more times in the past 12 months are 0.2% overall -- 0.3% for males and 0.1% for females."


Johnston, L. D., O’Malley, P. M., Bachman, J. G., Schulenberg, J. E., Patrick, M. E., & Miech, R. A. (2017). HIV/AIDS: Risk & Protective Behaviors among Adults Ages 21 to 40 in the U.S., 2004–2016. Ann Arbor: Institute for Social Research, The University of Michigan, pp. 19-20.