"Symptoms may include:

"Abdominal pain.
"Confusion, slurred speech.
"Internal (stomach and intestinal) bleeding.
"Slowed breathing.
"Stupor (decreased level of alertness), even coma.
"Unsteady walking.
"Vomiting, sometimes bloody.
"Chronic alcohol overuse can lead to additional symptoms and multiple organ failure.

"Home Care
"If you can wake an adult who has had too much alcohol, move the person to a comfortable place to sleep off the effects. Make sure the person will not fall or get hurt.

"Place the person on their side in case they throw up (vomit). DO NOT make the person throw up unless told to do so by a health care professional or Poison Control.

"Check the person frequently to make sure their condition does not get worse.

"If the person is not alert (unconscious) or only somewhat alert (semi-conscious), emergency assistance may be needed. When in doubt, call for medical help."


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