About Us

Drug Policy Facts (originally known as Drug War Facts) is a project of the Real Reporting Foundation, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to expanding harm reduction and informing the debate over public policy in the areas of public health, healthcare, justice, and human and civil rights. RRF disseminates factual information and comment on existing laws, policies, and practices through Drug Policy Facts and its sister website Health Systems Facts.

In addition to compiling and maintaining the Drug Policy Facts reference website, Real Reporting Foundation and its sister organization the Common Sense for Drug Policy Foundation provide advice and assistance to individuals and organizations and facilitate coalition building. RRF and CSDP support syringe service programs, expanded availability of methadone and buprenorphine treatment, and other public health measures to reduce harm to users and restrict the spread of HIV / AIDS and Hepatitis C. RRF and CSDP support the regulation and control of marijuana in a manner similar to alcohol and subject to local option. CSDP favors decriminalizing the use of hard drugs and providing them only through prescription. CSDP also advocates clear federal guidelines for the practice of pain management so that physicians need not fear unwarranted law enforcement scrutiny of medical practices.

Our Leadership

Melvin Allen, Board Member
David Borden, Board Member
Balázs Dénes, JD, Board Member
Ernest Drucker, Ph.D., Chair
Robert E. Field, Co-Chair & Executive Director
H. Michael Gray (In Memory)
Kris Krane, Board Member
Kevin B. Zeese (In Memory)
Doug McVay, Editor of Drug Policy Facts and Health Systems Facts

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