Punishment for Drug Offenses

"Drug-related crime is punishable under the law of psychoactive substances and Section 191 of the Danish Criminal Code. Violations of the Act on Psychoactive Substances will be punished by fine or prison for a period of no more than 2 years. In connection with sentencing, it is considered whether or not the drug is intended for own use, or if the drug has been sold or intended for selling. Also, the type and quantity of the drug is considered. Where the possession of the drug is caused by heavy addiction following long-term and persistent use of psychoactive substances, the alternative sentence may be a warning supported by social conditions.
"Section 191 of the Danish Criminal Code provides for stricter punishment on qualified violations of the Act on Psychoactive Substances. This means that if the transfer of psychoactive substances is made to a large number of people against considerable remuneration or under other particularly incriminating conditions, the punishment for violation of the Act on Psychoactive Substances may be extended to prison for a period of up to 10 years. When selling particularly dangerous or injurious substances, the offender may be further punished with a sentence of prison for a period of up to 16 years."


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