Prevalence of Illicit Drug Use in Spain 2011

Basic Data

"In 2011, the psychoactive drugs showing a greater prevalence of use in all of the time-related indicators taken into account are alcohol and tobacco. Furthermore, among the illicit drugs, cannabis is the substance showing the greatest prevalence of use sometime in one’s life (27.4%) followed by powder cocaine (8.8%), at levels which, if use within the last 12 months is taken into account, are respectively lowered to 9.6% and 2.2%. The trend most worthy of special mention compared to previous years is that of tranquilizers, given that their prevalences of use rose substantially in all of the time-related indicators taken into account. A total of 17.1% of the population surveyed had taken tranquilizers sometime in their lives (a 6.1% rise compared to 2009) and taking into account the last 12 months, the prevalence level is 9.8% (a 4.3% rise compared to 2009). With this figure for use within the last 12 months, tranquilizer use surpasses, for the first time, the prevalence of cannabis use and, in this time period, tranquilizers are now the third most used psychoactive substance after alcohol (76.6%) and tobacco (40.2%). Focusing on drug use within the last 30 days, hypnosedatives (tranquilizers and/or sleeping pills) are, for the first time in the historical series in question, the third most widespread psychoactive substance among the population (8.3%), ranked above cannabis, which has lost users (-0.6 percentage points) down to a 7.0% prevalence. The position of hypnosedatives is due mainly to the rise shown by tranquilizers (from 4.0% to 6.9%) and, secondly, to the rise shown by sleeping pills (from 2.7% to 3.4%) (Tables 2.2-2.5)."


Government Delegation of National Plan on Drugs (Reitox National Focal Point for Spain), "2012 National Report (2011 Data) to the EMCDDA: Spain: New Development, Trends and in-depth information on selected issues" (Madrid, Spain: DGPNSD, Dec. 2012), p. 26.