"According to the National Epidemiology Centre, a total of 80,827 AIDS cases had been notified from 1981 up to June 30, 2011.
"Current situation: In 2010 (at June 30, 2011), a total of 930 cases had been notified, its being estimated that, after making adjustments as a result of delayed notification, that a total of 1,162 cases were diagnosed in 2010. A total of 77% of these newly-diagnosed cases were males. The median age was age 42, being somewhat older among the males than among the females. A total of 28% of those who were diagnosed with AIDS in 2010 contracted the infection as a result of sharing injecting material for injecting drug use. A total of 33% contracted the infection as a result of unprotected heterosexual relations. The transmission secondary to male-to-male sexual contact totals 26% of all cases and 34% if only male cases are considered.
"Time trend: The diagnosis of AIDS cases, which peaked in the 1990’s, has been showing a downward trend since that time, totalling 83% since 1996 (the year prior to HAART becoming widely-available) up to 2010. In 2009, the number of cases declined by 16% among males and by 18% among females. As far as the transmission mechanism is concerned, the percentage of AIDS cases which can be attributed to injecting drug use has declined over the past few years following the peak recorded in 1990 (69.6%) whilst the percentage of cases in the sexual transmission category has risen. In 2009, there was a 26% drop in the percentage of ADIS cases diagnosed among injecting drug users. This decline may be due to several factors which have had a bearing on the course of this epidemic in recent years, one of the most noteworthy being the high degree of availability of methadone maintenance treatments and the decline in the use of the injecting route of administration for heroin use. There was a 20% decline in the number of cases involving heterosexual transmission in 2009 and a 1% decline in the cases involving male-to-male sexual contact."


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