"We found that a large proportion of SEP [syringe exchange program] participants in NYC do not obtain adequate numbers of syringes from the SEPs to meet their monthly injecting needs. In addition, characteristics of social marginalization and vulnerability – homelessness and public injecting – were associated with inadequate syringe acquisition. For SEP participants with inadequate coverage, most reported 'not needing' more syringes, but many also identified program limits and fear of police contact as main reasons for not obtaining adequate syringes at their most recent visit to the SEP."


Daliah I Heller, Denise Paone, Anne Siegler and Adam Karpati, "The syringe gap: an assessment of sterile syringe need and acquisition among syringe exchange program participants in New York City," Harm Reduction Journal (London, United Kingdom: January 2009), p. 4.