Incidence Rate and Number of Cases of Acute Hepatitis C Infections in the US

"In 2018, 3,621 acute hepatitis C cases were reported to CDC, resulting in 50,300 estimated infections (95% CI: 39,800–171,600) after adjusting for case under-ascertainment and under-reporting (see Technical Notes) (7). The reported acute hepatitis C case count corresponds to a rate of 1.2 cases per 100,000 population, an over 71% increase from the reported incidence rate of 0.7 cases per 100,000 population in 2014. Over 65% of acute hepatitis C cases reported to CDC in 2018 were among persons aged 20–39 years. Among the 1,535 (42%) reported acute cases that included risk information for injection drug use, 1,102 (72%) reported injection drug use. A total of 850 case-patients with acute hepatitis C were hospitalized (44% hospitalization rate among those with hospitalization information available).

"There were 214 perinatal hepatitis C cases reported to CDC in 2018, which is the first year that standardized surveillance for perinatal hepatitis C was conducted by states and case notifications submitted to CDC. Data from death certificates filed in the vital records office of the 50 states and the District of Columbia found that the age-adjusted death rate for hepatitis C in 2018 was 3.72 deaths per 100,000 population, representing a nearly 26% decrease from the mortality rate in 2014 (5.01 deaths per 100,000 population)(9). Despite this improvement, hepatitis C-associated death rates increased in 15 jurisdictions from 2017 to 2018."


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Viral Hepatitis Surveillance — United States, 2018. Published July 2020. Accessed March 8, 2021.