"The main finding of the current longitudinal study is that continued use of MDMA is associated with different aspects of memory decline. For example, the ability to recall a short passage of prose being read aloud immediately and after a delay was found to decline significantly. This decline suggests impairment in retrospective memory, given that performance on the three RBMT prospective tests—1) remembering to ask the experimenter to telephone for a taxi; 2) remembering to deliver a message; and 3) remembering to ask for the return of a personal belonging—did not decline with continued MDMA use. Moreover, no changes in test scores were observed in terms of orientation for time and place and knowing the date.
"This investigation also indicates that vocabulary and the ability to recall first and second names may be adversely affected by the frequency of MDMA use, and that the ability to immediately recall a route may be related to the duration of MDMA use."


Konstantine K. Zakzanis and Donald A. Young, "Memory impairment in abstinent MDMA (“Ecstasy”) users: A longitudinal investigation," Neurology (56). April 2001, p. 967.