"Results of the VAD school survey 2011-2012 show that the use of illicit psychoactive substances other than cannabis was rather limited in the population of school students (Melis, 2013). In the whole school population, only the older students mentioned ever use of these substances: 4.4% of the 15-16 year old students and 7.7% of the 17-18 year old students. The highest lifetime prevalence among the oldest school students (17-18y) of the Flemish Community were reported for ecstasy (3.8%), hallucinogens (3.5%), amphetamines (3.4%) and cocaine (2.5%). A lifetime prevalence of heroin use was found to be about only 0.4% among the oldest school students (Melis, 2013).
"For the school years 2007-2008 until 2009-2010, a stable prevalence of lifetime and last year use of psychoactive substance other than cannabis was found (Kinable, 2011).
"Compared to this, a gradual decrease was found in the school surveys of 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 (see Figure 2.2) (Melis, 2013).


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