"Moolenaar, Nauta, and Van Tulder (2013) report on expenditures for prevention, investigation, prosecution, sentencing and support of offenders of different types of offences in 2011. The types of offences are categorized on the basis of the most serious offence. Opium Act offences are one of the categories, differentiated according to Schedule I drug offences (hard drugs) and Schedule II drug offences (soft drugs) (table 9.1.6). Figures for 2011 are preliminary.
"• Expenditures for Opium Act offences in 2011 are estimated at € 395,0 million (in nominal amounts), of which € 287,9 million is spent on hard drugs and € 107,2 million on soft drugs.
"• Expenditures for Opium Act offences account for 3.1% of the total of expenditures for all offences. Of all 8 types of offences, Opium Act offences rank seventh in amount of expenditures (see table 9.1.7).
"• € 8,3 million is used for prevention activities, € 81,8 million for investigation, € 44,6 million for prosecution, € 16,0 million for sentencing, € 205,3 million for the execution of sentences, and € 38,9 million for support of offenders and other kinds of support and activities (not in table).
"• Soft drugs expenditures are highest in the stage of prevention and investigation, but hard drugs are higher in all the other activities (not in table). From all drug expenditures, the execution of sentences for hard drug offences rank highest (its estimated costs are € 175,3 million)."


Van Laar M.W., Cruts G, Van Ooyen-Houben M., Croes E., Van der Pol P., Meijer, R., Ketelaars T., (2014). The Netherlands drug situation 2013: report to the EMCDDA by the Reitox National Focal Point. Trimbos-instituut/WODC, Utrecht/Den Haag, pp. 101-102.……