(Cannabis and Mantle Cell Lymphoma) "In conclusion, our study demonstrates that the cannabinoid receptor agonists R(+)-MA and Win55 induce a sequence of signaling events leading to cell death of MCL [Mantle Cell Lymphoma] cells. The requirement of ligation of both CB1 and CB2 [receptors] raises the possibility that cannabinoids may be used to selectively target MCL cells to undergo apoptosis."
Note: According to the study authors: "MCL is a malignant B-cell lymphoma with an aggressive course and generally a poor clinical outcome. MCL tumors respond to chemotherapy, but the remissions are short and the median survival is only 3 years."


Gustafsson, Kristin; Christensson, Birger; Sander, Birgitta; and Flygare, Jenny, "Cannabinoid Receptor-Mediated Apoptosis Induced by R(+)-Methanandamide and Win55,212-2 Is Associated with Ceramide Accumulation and p38 Activation in Mantle Cell Lymphoma," Molecular Pharmacology (Bethesda, MD: The American Society for Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics, August 2006), p. 1619.