Swiss Harm Reduction Policy

"The activities of the FOPH [Federal Office of Public Health] in the area of harm reduction up until now have proved to be effective and will be continued. Nevertheless, because of changes in the nature of the substances consumed, of the patterns of consumption and of the target groups, it is necessary to adapt the concept of harm reduction in order to take it on to a further stage. Existing gaps in the services available – with regards both to particular areas of Switzerland as well as specific contexts and issues – are to be closed.
"– Financing Infodrog, the Swiss Office for the Coordination of Addiction Facilities, to support the range of services offered in the area of harm reduction and interlinking these with services aimed at therapy and prevention
"– Enhancing quality by certifying institutions according to a flexible, modular quality standard
"– Formulating the basic principles for need and demand-oriented harm reduction including encouraging pilot projects
"– Keeping further training abreast of the latest knowledge and developments as well as the promotion of career development opportunities for harm reduction specialists
"– Strengthening measures aimed at preventing hepatitis infection and HIV/Aids
"– Clarifying the requirements for harm reduction and therapeutic services in prisons
"– Expanding the interface between harm reduction and prevention"


Swiss Federal Office of Public Health, "Switzerland’s National Drugs Policy: The federal government’s third package of measures to reduce drug-related problems (MaPaDro III) 2006?2011," p. 21.