Drug Consumption Rooms in Operation in the EU

"Breaking this down further, as of February 2017 there are: 31 facilities in 25 cities in the Netherlands; 24 in 15 cities in Germany; five in four cities in Denmark 13 in seven cities in Spain; two in two cities in Norway; two in two cities in France; and one in Luxembourg (Luxembourg is preparing to open a second facility in 2018); and 12 in eight cities in Switzerland. In Slovenia following a change in the penal code that created an enabling environment for the opening of supervised consumption facilities, a planned pilot project is pending. Following HIV outbreaks among people who inject drugs, discussions about the introduction of supervised drug consumption facilities are ongoing in Glasgow (Scotland) and Dublin (Ireland). A study to explore the feasibility of drug consumption facilities in five major cities in Belgium (Ghent, Antwerp, Brussels, Liège and Charleroi) was launched in 2016. Outside Europe there are two facilities in Vancouver (Canada) and one medically supervised injecting centre in Sydney (Australia)."


"Perspectives On Drugs: Drug consumption rooms: an overview of provision and evidence," European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction, June 2017, p. 3, last accessed Nov. 8, 2017.