Comparison of Effectiveness of Heroin-Assisted Treatment and Methadone Maintenance Treatment, by Gender

"The present study investigated treatment response and retention by gender in North America’s first randomized controlled trial of injectable diacetylmorphine [DAM]. DAM showed greater effectiveness than MMT with respect to treatment retention and response at 12 months for both men and women, although there were significant treatment differences in more sub-scores for men than women. There were no gender differences in overall clinical response and retention at 12 months in the DAM and MMT groups."


Oviedo-Joekesa, Eugenia; Guh, Daphne; Brissette, Suzanne; Marchand, Kirsten; Marsh, David; Chettiarb, Jill; Nosyk, Bohdan; Krausz, Michael; Anisa, Aslam; Schechtera, Martin T., "Effectiveness of diacetylmorphine versus methadone for the treatment of opioid dependence in women," Drug and Alcohol Dependence, (Philadelphia, PA: College on Problems of Drug Dependence, September 2010), p. 4.