Laws & Policies

"The 2011 national strategies of the governmental policy are set forth by the 2008-2011 government action plan against drugs and drug addiction. The forward-looking 2011 report by the MILDT (Mission interministérielle de lutte contre la drogue et la toxicomanie, or the French Interministerial Mission for the Fight Against Drugs and Drug Addiction) revealed that nearly all of the government’s objectives had been achieved. Furthermore, between 2011 and 2012, three other national plans integrated and reinforced the health measures set forth in the 2008-2011 drugs plan: the 2009-2012 'hepatitis' plan, the 2009-2013 'cancer plan' and the new 2010-2012 'detainee' plan supervised by the French Ministry of Health and Sports with the participation of the French Ministry of Justice.
"Public expenditure on implementing the governmental drug policy and French national health insurance in 2010 was approximately €1,510 M. This estimate does not take into account expenditure attributable to prison administrative services or major hospital or primary care costs. These expense categories have been estimated within the scope of previous studies. Kopp and Fénoglio estimated the costs of treatment attributable to drug-related health problems at €21.58 billion in 2003; prison expenditures were estimated at €219.79 million (Kopp and Fénoglio, 2006b). After inflation, these estimates would have accounted for €26.66 billion and €0.25 billion in 2010 respectively. If we consider these latest categories of expenditure up-dated after inflation, public spending attributable to the drug and addiction prevention policy is somewhere close to €28 billion in 2010 (licit and illicit drugs). This estimate accounts roughly for 1.5 percent of the GDP in 2010 (GDP accounts for €1,931.4 billion in 2010) but also for 6.6 percent of the State’s budget which accounts for a spending of €435.37 per habitant."


l'Observatoire francais des drogues et des toxicomanies (OFDT), "2012 National Report (2011 data) to the EMCDDA by the Reitox National Focal Point: France: New Development, Trends and in-depth information on selected issues (Saint-Denis, France: OFDT, 2012), p. 6.…