"The Presidential Programme Against Corruption in Colombia specifically addresses ‘narco-corruption’.36 Colombia, with a capacity to produce 580 tonnes of pure cocaine in 2000,37 is particularly poisoned by the interplay of narcotics and violence, with an estimated one million people internally displaced as a result of battles for territorial control by rebel groups and paramilitary forces. ‘The corruptive effect of this kind of profit is devastating, since it has penetrated to perverse levels in the judiciary and the political system,’ the official report of the Presidential Programme concluded, adding that the rapid accumulation of wealth from illegal drugs ‘has fostered codes and behaviours which promote corruption, fast money and the predominance of private welfare over general interest’."


Luzzani, Thelma, Transparency International, "Global Corruption Report 2001: South America" (Berlin, Germany: Transparency International, 2001), p. 176.