Acute Hepatitis C Infections in the US in 2014, by Transmission Method

"• Of the 2,194 case-reports of acute hepatitis C received by CDC during 2014, 942 (42.9%) did not include a response (i.e., a “yes” or “no” response to any of the questions about risk exposures and behaviors) to enable assessment of risk exposures or behaviors.
"• Of 1,252 case-reports that had risk exposure/behavior information, 416 (33.2%) indicated no risk exposure/behavior for hepatitis C and 836 (66.8%) indicated at least one risk exposure/behavior in the 2 weeks to 6 months prior to illness onset.
"• Of the 1,030 case-reports that had information about injection drug use, 68.2% (n=702) indicated use of injection drugs.
"• Of the 230 case-reports from males that included information about sexual preferences/practices, 11.7% (n=27) indicated sex with another man.
"• Of the 35 case-reports that had information about sexual contact, 8.6% (n=3) reported sexual contact with a person with confirmed or suspected hepatitis C.
"• Of the 494 case-reports that had information about number of sex partners, 30.4% (n=150) indicated having ?2 sex partners."


"Viral Hepatitis Surveillance - United States, 2014" (Atlanta, GA: US Centers for Disease Control Division of Viral Hepatitis), Sept. 22, 2016, pp. 50-51.