Estimated Prevalence of Past-Year Illicit Substance Use in Sweden, 2013

"In 2013, an additional cross-sectional study of drug use was conducted in a nationally representative sample of the population in Sweden (Ramstedt, 2014). A total of 15,576 individuals (59.3% of the total sample) participated in the study and 10.5% reported that they had used an illicit drug or used some prescription medication in a non-prescribed way during the past 12 months. In this study, cocaine and amphetamines were the most common illicit substance reported after cannabis. Among men and women aged 17-64, 3.3% reported having used cocaine and 3.0% reported having used amphetamine at some time in their lives, followed by ecstasy (2.4%), opioids (2.2%), and hallucinogens (2.1%). Use of prescription medication was much more common and 6.5% reported having used painkillers in a non-prescribed way and 2.8% reported having used sedatives/tranquilizers in a non-prescribed way during the past 12 months."


Swedish National Institute of Public Health. "2014 National Report (2013 data) to the EMCDDA by the Reitox National Focal Point: Sweden: New Development and Trends." Östersund: Swedish National Institute of Public Health, 2014, p. 33.