"According to the EMCDDA protocol in 2011 were registered 10 cases of drug-related deaths, representing the lowest value since 2006 and a decrease of 62% in relation to 2010.
"In 2011, there is no specific information38, about the cause of death. However in 2009, last year with this information available - the predominant causes of these deaths were disorders (63%): multiple dependence or other (code F19.2 ICD10) cause that include polydrugs use. For the same reasons it’s not possible to provide the information by gender (in 2010 all the cases were from the male gender and in 2009 male gender predominated with percentages above 84%) in relation to age the only information available is for the age group above 49 (ith [sic] 40% according the EMCDDA).
"Concerning the information on specific mortality registries related with drug use from the INML, I.P., it is important to contextualize within some indicators related to the activity of this Institute.
"In 2011, despite the number of autopsies performed by INML, I.P. (7,673) increased in relation to last year (+16%), the number of requests for post-mortem toxicological exams (illicit substances) (3,089), decrease slightly (-3%), however representing the second highest value of the decade and an increase of 42% in relation to 2005. The number of cases with positive toxicological results (216) decreased (-27) in relation to 2010, decreasing the percentage of positivity in the set of exams made (7%, 9%, 9%, 11%, 12%, 9% and 10% respectively in 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005)."


Institute on Drugs and Drug Addiction, I.P., "2012 National Report (2011 data) to the EMCDDA by the Reitox National Focal Point: PORTUGAL: New Development, Trends and in-depth information on selected issues" (Lisbon, Portugal: 2012), p. 79.