"Comparisons with the previous four sweeps of the SCJS [Scottish Crime and Justice Survey] help to put these findings in context and reveals that the percentage of adults reporting using one or more illicit drugs has been declining. Table 2.1 and Figure 2.1 show this decline in the number of adults reporting illicit drug use for all three time periods used in the survey between the SCJS 2008/09 and the SCJS 2014/1510. The decline was significant comparing drug use reported in the 2008/09 survey with that reported in 2014/15. However, there were no statistically significant changes in these results between 2012/13 and 2014/15. In the SCJS 2014/15:

"• 3.3% of adults reported having used one or more illicit drugs in the last month (the month prior to the survey interview). This is compared with 4.4% in 2008/09, 4.2% in 2009/10; 3.5% in 2010/11; and, 3.3% in 2012/13.

"• 6.0% of adults reported having used one or more illicit drug in the last year. This is compared with 7.6% in 2008/09, 7.2% in 2009/10; 6.6% in 2010/11; and, 6.2% in 2012/13.

"• 22.1% of adults reported taking one of more illicit drug at some point in their lives (ever). This is compared with 25.6% in 2008/09, 25.2% in 2009/10; 23.7% in 2010/11; and, 23.0% in 2012/13."


Laura Robertson, Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research. 2014/15 Scottish Crime and Justice Survey: Drug Use. Scottish Government Social Research. 2016.