Basic Data

"In a survey9 performed in spring 2013 the measured lifetime prevalence of illicit drug10 use of the respondents (N=1959) in the 19-64 year-old age group was 8.2%. The annual prevalence rate was 1.7%. 21.1% of ever users had used an illicit substance in the past year (the proportion of new users was 6%, and that of the current, continuous users was 15.1%). The measured monthly prevalence of illicit drug use was 0.8%, the proportion of current users within ever users was 9.7%.11
"Of those who had ever tried illicit drugs, most of them (four fifths) had used herbal cannabis or cannabis resin during their lives to date. The most widespread substances after these were synthetic cannabinoids12, ecstasy, amphetamine and the new psychoactive substances13, which every second-third substance user had already tried. Rarer than these (experienced in the case of every fourth-sixth person who tried an illicit substance) was the occurrence of LSD, cocaine, and magic mushrooms, trying GHB was also above 1%. The measured lifetime prevalence rate of the other examined illicit substances was near to or below the use proportion indicated for the dummy drug."


Drog Fókuszpont, "2014 National Report (2013 Data) to the EMCDDA by the Reitox National Focal Point - Hungary: New Development, Trends" (Budapest, Hungary: Drog Focuszpont 2014), pp. 16-17.……