"In 2010 17 organisations reported drug use pattern and demographic data on 2,708 clients (Tarján 2011). In respect of age distribution it can be stated that in 2010 again the greatest proportion, 48% of the clients of NSPs was formed by clients aged 25 to 34. Clients below the age of 25 and above the age of 34 were represented in nearly the same proportion, 26% each.
"The primarily injected drug type became known in the case of 1,729 persons. 47% of the clients primarily injected heroin, while 45% injected amphetamine. The proportion of injecting heroin users dropped as compared to 2009 (2009: 55%), while the proportion of injecting amphetamine users (2009: 39%) and the proportion of users injecting ?other drugs‘ (2009: 4% 2010: 8%) increased. According to the organisations the other injected drug type was typically mephedrone.
"In respect of age groups it can be observed that while in the age group below 25 the proportion of IDUs injecting amphetamines as their primary drug is nearly double that of heroin users, between the age of 25 and 34 and above 34 the proportion of IDUs injecting heroin as their primary drug is higher."


Drog Focuszpont (Reitox National Focal Point for Hungary), “HUNGARY: 2011 National Report to the EMCDDA - New development, trends and in-depth information on selected issues" (Lisbon, Portugal: EMCDDA, 2012), p. 29.