"In 2011 new clients treated for drug use were reported by 85 treatment units. 36 further institutes reported that although they were entitled to treat drug users, they had no such clients during the year. 53 out of the 85 units treated clients in the scope of outpatient service, 16 units in the scope of inpatient service, 22 units in the scope of low-threshold service, and 6 units reported the treatment of prisoners63.
"Out of the total number of 4,783 persons entering treatment during the year 3,222 persons (73%) entered treatment for the first time in their lives due to drugs problem 64. 78% of all cases (3,740 persons) were treated at outpatient treatment units, 6% (299 persons) at inpatient treatment units, 12% (577 persons) at low-threshold service providers, and 3% (167 persons) at detention facilities.
"On examining the clients treated by primary drug (including clients both involved and not involved in QCT programmes), the highest number of clients entered treatment because of cannabis use (3,321 persons, 69%), and the following two most common drug types were stimulants (786 persons, 16%) and opiates (325 persons, 7%)."


Drog Focuszpont, "HUNGARY: 2012 National Report to the EMCDDA by the Reitox National Focal Point - New Development, Trends and in-depth information on selected issues" (Budapest, Hungary: Drog Focuszpont 2012), pp. 44-45.