Drug Offenses by Drug Type in Hungary 2013

"68.4% (3,775 cases) of the 5,545 registered drug offences involved cannabis. 17.3% of the offences were committed with amphetamine, 2.5% with cocaine, 1.8% with MDMA (ecstasy), 1.2% with heroin, and 0.9% with methamphetamine. (ST11_2014_HU_01) 190 cases (3.4%) were registered with the subject of the abuse being a new psychoactive substance. Of the investigations launched in connection with new psychoactive substances, 31% were initiated due to misuse of synthetic cannabinoids, 41% due to misuse of cathinone derivatives, 7% due to phenethylamine derivatives, 9% due to GBL and the remaining 12% due to misuse of other new psychoactive substances. The subject of perpetration was a substance listed in the “Other” category in 232 cases (4.2%), among these, morphine was the subject of perpetration in 37 cases, methadone in 22 cases, ketamine in 24 cases, GHB in 10 cases. In 4 cases the crime was committed with a precursor, and in 23 cases the subject of perpetration was not recorded.
"As compared to the previous year the proportion of offences committed with cannabis dropped further (by 7 percentage points) and the proportion committed with amphetamine rose (by 3 percentage points). The proportion of substances listed in the “other” category is increasing from year to year as well."


Drog Fókuszpont, "2014 National Report (2013 Data) to the EMCDDA by the Reitox National Focal Point - Hungary: New Development, Trends" (Budapest, Hungary: Drog Focuszpont 2014), p. 82.0