"1.2 In 2000 funding was made available to develop a free needle and syringe exchange scheme in community pharmacies in Northern Ireland. With input from community pharmacists and other expert advisors, and taking account of models of best practice developed elsewhere, the Northern Ireland Needle and Syringe Exchange Scheme (NSES) was introduced in April 2001.
"1.3 Initially five pharmacies were involved in the scheme; by the end of 2009/10 there were twelve pharmacies and one Community Addiction Services clinic offering needle and syringe exchange. These were chosen based on their willingness to participate, their location, and the assessed need for needle exchange in the locality."


Northern Ireland Statistics & Research Agency, Statistical Bulletin PHIRB 2/2010: Statistics from the Northern Ireland Needle and Syringe Exchange Scheme, 2009/10 (June 2010), p. 2