"Among the illicit psychoactive substances, ecstasy is ranked next in importance after cannabis and cocaine in Spain. In 2011, an overall drop has been reported in the use of ecstasy for the three customary time-related indicators (by 3.6% among sometime in their lives population, by 0.7% for the last 12 months and by 0.3% within the last 30 days). (Fig. 2.25).
"This decline is sharper in experimental use, which is particularly significant, given that ecstasy is used mainly this way and additionally taking into account that, in 2009, the 'sometime in their lives' use took an upward turn and showed the highest degree of prevalence of the entire historical series (4.9%). This percentage has dropped by 1.3 percentage points in 2011 down to the lowest level for the last ten years. However, regarding ecstasy use within the last 12 months and within the last 30 days, the prevalences show minimal declines, remaining at levels nearing those found in 2009, which, in this case, had already undergone a decrease compared to 2007.
"Similarly, the average age of onset of use is at 20.8 years of age (20.5 in 2009), which is a positive albeit not a major change."


Government Delegation of National Plan on Drugs (Reitox National Focal Point for Spain), "2012 National Report (2011 Data) to the EMCDDA: Spain: New Development, Trends and in-depth information on selected issues" (Madrid, Spain: DGPNSD, Dec. 2012), p. 61.