"In Spain, the methadone maintenance programmes provided care for 81,022 patients in 2010, meaning a 4.12% rise compared to the 77,811 in 2009.

"These treatments were carried out in a total of 2,526 methadone-prescribing or methadone-dispensing facilities.

"As far as the location of these facilities is concerned, 50.59% are located in a specific drug dependence treatment centre, 10.62% at prisons, 8.23% at hospitals, 8.09% in mobile units, another 8.09% at mental health centres, 7.65% at health centres, 3.73% in pharmacies and 3% in other facilities.

"Also worthy of special mention is the fact that Buprenorphine+Naloxone (Suboxone®) having recently been included as one of the National Health Service benefits, having made the use thereof affordable in a patient profile stabilised on methadone, at low doses and good progress.

"In Spain, Suboxone® is a medicine subject to special medical prescription (psychotropic) and to restricted medical prescription, classified as a substance of hospital diagnosis.

"According to the data furnished (2011) by the Autonomous Communities and Autonomous Cities, a total of 1,350 individuals have been treated with buprenorphine/naloxone (suboxone). This figure is an initial estimate and will therefore have to be revised and updated."


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