"Mexico has data to determine levels of dependence on alcohol and illicit drugs in the general population and, consequently, the treatment requirements for this population during 2008. In that regard, 4,168,063 persons are considered alcohol abusive/dependent (5.5 percent of the population ages 12 to 65). Another 428,819 persons are considered dependent on illicit drugs (0.6 percent of the population ages 12 to 65). Mexico indicates that the criterion on which the scale used to evaluate abuse and dependence was based in 2008, in the case of alcohol, marihuana, and cocaine HCL was the DSM-IV R."


Multilateral Evaluation Mechanism (MEM), Governmental Expert Group (GEG), "Mexico: Evaluation of Progress in Drug Control 2007-2009" Washington, DC: Organization of American States, Inter-American Drug Abuse Control Commission (CICAD), 2010), OAS/Ser.L/XIV.2.48, CICAD/docx.1843/10, p. 13.