"Furthermore, according to the Eurobarometer survey findings, young people in Greece compared to the European / EU27 average:
"• Report lower prevalence rates of use of “legal highs” (a variety of new drugs in the form of powder, pills or herbal mixtures);
"• Report higher percentages of perceived “high risk” associated with the use of cannabis 1-2 times (38% vs. EU/27 average of 23%) and cocaine (72% vs. 66%), while fewer of them perceive of ecstasy use 1-2 times as being risky (54% vs. EU/27 average of 59%).
"• Twice as many as the EU/27 average think it is “impossible” for them to have access to heroin (47% vs. EU average of 24%), cocaine (42% vs. 19%), ecstasy (41% vs. 20%), cannabis (28% vs. 11%), while higher rates are also recorded for access to alcohol and tobacco. Among the countries that participated in the survey, only in Cyprus and Finland were the rates similar to the Greek ones.
"• Report in lower percentages that in order to get information about drugs they would use the “internet” (45% vs. EU average of 64%), the “media” (9% vs. 15%) or “a friend” (23% vs. 37%), while report in higher percentages “parents or other relatives” (35% vs. 28%) and, especially, “prevention centers” (38% vs. 20%) as likely sources of information.
"• Report in lower percentages that they would support tough measures (penalties/sanctions) against drug users as the response to the drug problem (17% vs. EU/27 average of 33%)."


University Mental Health Research Institute, "2011 National Report (2010 Data) to the EMCDDA by the Reitox National Focal Point: Greece: New Development, Trends and in-depth information on selected issues" (Lisbon, Portugal: EMCDDA, 2011), pp. 21-22.