Patient Response To Computerized Treatment Versus Therapist-Delivered Therapy

"Results: Compared with computer- or therapist-delivered CBT/MI [cognitive behaviour therapy and motivational interviewing], PCT [person-centred therapy] was associated with significantly less reduction in depression and alcohol consumption at 3 months. CAC [(clinician-assisted computerised] therapy was associated with improvement at least equivalent to that achieved by therapist-delivered treatment, with superior results as far as reducing alcohol consumption. Change in depression was significantly predicted by change in alcohol use (in the same direction) and an ability to determine primacy, irrespective of whether this was for drug use or depression. Change in alcohol use was significantly predicted by changes in cannabis use and depression, and change in cannabis use by change in alcohol use. In the regression model, treatment allocation did not independently predict change, but was associated with significant reduction in depression and alcohol use at 3 months.
"Conclusions: Over a 3-month period, CBT/MI was associated with a better treatment response than supportive counselling. CAC therapy was associated with greater reduction in alcohol use than therapist-delivered treatment."


Frances J Kay-Lambkin, Amanda L Baker, Brian Kelly and Terry J Lewin, "Clinician-assisted computerised versus therapist-delivered treatment for depressive and addictive disorders: a randomised controlled trial," Med Journal of Australia 2011; 195 (3): 44.