"In line with a number of other studies, the 2013 survey shows that cannabis is by far the most common illegal drug in Norway. As shown in Figure 2, the LTP rate for cannabis use among all adults was 23.3 per cent, while the LYP rate was 5.1 per cent. By comparison, the LTP rate was estimated to be 4.2 per cent for cocaine, 3.7 per cent for amphetamines, 2.3 per cent for ecstasy, 1.5 per cent for LSD, 1.1 per cent for GHB/GBL and 0.7 per cent for heroin for all adults (Figure 3). The LYP rate was estimated to be less than one per cent for cocaine, amphetamines and ecstasy.
"Among young adults, the LTP rate for cannabis use was 31.7 per cent, while it was 7.2 per cent for cocaine, 6.4 per cent for amphetamines, 4.6 per cent for ecstasy, 2.6 per cent for LSD and 2.2 per cent for GHB/GBL. While the estimated LYP rate was 12.0 per cent for cannabis, it was 2.2 per cent for cocaine, 1.1 per cent for amphetamines and 1.0 per cent for ecstasy. The proportion who had used heroin, LSD and/or GHB/GBL during the past year was not significantly different from zero (p>.05), neither among young adults nor among all adults. Among young adults, the LTP rate for heroin was also so small that it was not statistically different from zero (p>.05), again proving that it is not possible using such methods to estimate the real prevalence of heroin use.
"For the first time, reported use of cocaine is on a par with (slightly above) the level for amphetamines, unlike all previous national surveys that have been undertaken. More surveys are needed before we can say that this is a trend, however."


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