"With regard to how it handles illicit drug possession for personal use, Mexico has indicated that, in accordance with article 478 of the General Health Care Act, the Public Ministry shall not prosecute criminal charges for the possession of narcotics by an addict or user in possession of one of the narcotics listed in the Guideline Table for Maximum Dosages for Immediate Personal Use.
"If it is determined that a person involved in a case suffers from drug addiction, the Public Ministry or judicial authority shall order the competent health authorities to provide appropriate treatment. Prison facilities will provide rehabilitation services for drug dependents.
"Where a sentence of probation or parole is appropriate, the sentence must always require the recipient to undergo the appropriate medical rehabilitation treatment under the supervision of the sentencing authority.
"The legislation defining the crime of illicit drug possession includes the Federal Penal Code, articles 195 and 195 bis, and the General Health Care Act, articles 235, 237, 245, 247 and 248."


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