Laws & Policies

"During the evaluation period, Mexico did not have an approved national anti-drug strategy. The country reports that interinstitutional efforts have been maintained in order to follow up on national anti-drug policy.
"Mexico reports that the National Drug Control Program (NDCP) does not have an assigned budget. Each of the government offices involved in its execution allocates the resources needed to develop and implement program-related activities within its jurisdiction from its own budget.
"The Office of the Attorney General of the Republic is the agency or institution responsible for coordinating Mexico’s National Drug Control Program. It does so through the National Center for Crime Control Planning, Analysis, and Information (CENAPI). CENAPI was established on June 25, 2003 in accordance with the regulations and the Organic Law of the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic. CENAPI coordinates the implementation of activities in the following areas: demand reduction, supply reduction, alternate, integrated and sustainable development programs, control measures, international cooperation and program evaluation, as well as related offenses."


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