Prevalence of Illegal Drug Use In Ireland, By Region

"Recent (or last-year) illicit drug use among the 15–64-year-old population stabilised or decreased marginally in most RDTF [Regional Drug Task Force] areas between 2006/7 and 2010/11, with no area showing a significant increase (Table 2.2.5). As expected, recent use is higher among men than women and higher among those aged 15–34 years than among their older counterparts.
"Cannabis was the most commonly reported illegal drug used in each of the RDTF areas, with rates of recent use ranging between 2.8% in the North West and 9.4% in North Dublin (Table 2.2.6 and Figure 2.2.1). Rates have stabilised or fallen in six RDTF areas (not statistically significantly) and increased significantly in one area, the Western RDTF area."


Irish Focal Point (2012) "2012 National Report (2011 data) to the EMCDDA by the Reitox National Focal Point." Ireland: new developments, trends and in-depth information on selected issues. Dublin: Health Research Board, p. 47.