Needle Exchange Program Activity

Harm Reduction

"MQI’s [Merchants Quay Ireland's] needle-exchange service recorded approximately 25,000 client visits in 2010, a 20% decrease on 2009 figures. The report highlighted a continuing high level of demand for homeless services, with 57,840 meals provided in 2010. The number of health care interventions provided increased by 15%, to 3,685 in 2010.
"In 2010 MQI successfully tendered to provide the national prison-based addiction counselling service to 13 prisons. In excess of 13,000 counselling hours were provided during 2010. This service was provided by 23 counsellors, each with an average caseload of 550 prisoners.
"MQI in association with the Midland Regional Drugs Task Force administers the Midlands Family Support and Community Harm Reduction Service, providing outreach and working with families of those actively using drugs in that task force region. The family support service provided services to 237 new clients across the region during 2010. The harm reduction service provided needle-exchange services to an average of 124 clients each month during 2010."


Irish Focal Point (2012) "2012 National Report (2011 data) to the EMCDDA by the Reitox National Focal Point." Ireland: new developments, trends and in-depth information on selected issues. Dublin: Health Research Board, p. 78.