Percentage of All Substance Abuse Treatment Facilities in the US Offering Various Ancillary Services, 2012
Ancillary Service Percent
Total 99.4
Substance Abuse Education 96.3
Case Management Services 80.2
Social Skills Development 73.6
Mental Health Services 62.0
HIV or AIDS Education, Counseling, or Support 58.0
Assistance with Obtaining Social Services 56.7
Health Education other than HIV/AIDS or Hepatitis 53.3
Mentoring/Peer Support 51.8
Assistance in Locating Housing for Clients 49.2
Self-help Groups 46.7
Hepatitis Education, Counseling, or Support 45.9
Transportation Assistance to Treatment 40.9
Domestic Violence Services 39.8
Smoking Cessation Counseling 39.0
Employment Counseling or Training for Clients 37.3
Early Intervention for HIV 26.7
Child Care for Clients' Children 7.3
Acupuncture 4.4
Residential Beds for Clients' Children 3.7

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