Global Estimated Prevalence of Injection Drug Use (IDU)-Related Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection

"Another major global public health concern is hepatitis C, which can lead to liver diseases such as cirrhosis and cancer. Infection with the hepatitis C virus (HCV) is highly prevalent among people who inject drugs. UNODC estimates that the global prevalence of HCV among people who inject drugs is 51.0 per cent, meaning that 7.2 million people who inject drugs were living with HCV in 2011.17
"The largest numbers of people who inject drugs and are living with HCV are found in East and South-East Asia, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe and North America. The highest HCV prevalence rates among people who inject drugs in countries with predominantly large numbers of people who inject drugs (more than 100,000 to help ensure that a stable prevalence can be determined) are mostly located in North America and East and South-East Asia: Mexico (96.0 per cent), Viet Nam (74.1 per cent), United States (73.4 per cent), Canada (69.1 per cent), Malaysia (67.1 per cent), China (67.0 per cent) and Ukraine (67.0 per cent)."


UNODC, World Drug Report 2013 (United Nations publication, Sales No. E.13.XI.6), p. 8.