"Seizures of pharmaceuticals classified as narcotics (mainly benzodiazepines) show an increasing trend. This increase may be due to an increase of medicines sold illegally over the Internet. The large number of seizures is partially due to the fact that these drugs are often used in combination with other drugs.
"The number of cannabis seizures shows an increase, indicating a substantial supply of cannabis on the drug market. Amphetamine seizures on the other hand, show a slight decrease since 2006, whereas methamphetamine has increased over the last 10 years. Yet, methamphetamine seems to have stabilised somewhat since 2008/2009.
"The increased seizures of cocaine indicate an increased availability. Seizures of ecstasy decreased dramatically in the beginning of the 2000s until 2009, however, the last three years the number of seizures has increased dramatically.
"The seizures of heroin show a decrease since the beginning of 2000s."


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