"• Marijuana/hashish was reported as the primary substance of abuse by 14 percent of TEDS admissions aged 12 and older in 2015 [Table 1.1b].

"• The average age at admission for primary marijuana/hashish admissions was 26 years [Table 2.1b]. Thirty-one percent of marijuana/hashish admissions were under age 20 (vs. 7 percent of all admissions combined), and primary marijuana/hashish abuse accounted for 78 percent of admissions aged 12 to 14 and 75 percent of admissions aged 15 to 17 years [Table 2.1c].

"• Non-Hispanic Whites accounted for 42 percent of primary marijuana/hashish admissions (29 percent were males and 13 percent were females), and non-Hispanic Blacks accounted for 31 percent (23 percent were males and 7 percent were females) [Table 2.3b].

"• Twenty-four percent of primary marijuana/hashish admissions had first used marijuana/hashish by age 12 and another 30 percent had first used it at age 13 or 14 [Table 2.5b].

"• Primary marijuana/hashish admissions were most likely to be referred by the court/criminal justice system (51 percent). Primary marijuana/hashish admissions were less likely than all admis-sions combined to be self or individually referred to treatment (19 vs. 41 percent) [Table 2.6b].

"• More than 4 in 5 marijuana/hashish admissions (85 percent) received ambulatory treatment; among all admissions combined, 3 in 5 (61 percent) received ambulatory treatment [Table 2.7b].• Fifty-four percent of primary marijuana/hashish admissions reported abuse of additional substances. Alcohol was reported by 35 percent [Table 3.8]."

Datatable for Admissions to Treatment in the US in 2015 with Marijuana as Primary Substance


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