"As of December 31, 2011, a cumulative total of 3,846 HIV infections had been diagnosed in the country, with HIV infections among males comprising 77.7% and among females 22.3%. The incidence of HIV (diagnosed infections) is 43.4 per 100,000 members of the population. HIV infections were registered in 66 out of 68 districts of the country. The total number of AIDS-related deaths is 552 (14.4.% of diagnosed HIV cases). The estimated number of people infected with HIV has been put between 6,800 and 10,000. Furthermore, in recent years, the number of new HIV infections diagnosed among women has increased almost 2 to 3 times. Thus, in 2005, newly diagnosed HIV infections among women made up 8.5%, whereas they made up 20.2% in 2011.
"By the end of 2011, in terms of the cumulative total of HIV infections diagnosed in the country, 52.6% were transmitted intravenously; 29.8% were transmitted through unprotected sexual contact; 1.5% were transmitted from mother to child, and for 15.7% the transmission mode was unknown. The prevalence of HIV infection is over 5% among some of the most-at-risk population groups, such as IDUs, indicating that Tajikistan has a concentrated HIV epidemic."


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