Regional Growth of Drug Courts in the US

"The drug court movement started in Florida, but at the time of our survey the largest share of adult drug courts reported that they were based in the Midwest (28.0 percent, see Figure 2-2.1).4 About one-fifth of drug courts reported being in each of three regions: the New England/Mid-Atlantic region (20.6 percent), the South (22.5 percent), and the West (20.1 percent). The Mountain region had the smallest number of drug courts, with less than 10 percent reporting being based there (8.7 percent)."


Rossman, Shelli B., et al., "Final Report, Volume 2: The Multi-Site Adult Drug Court Evaluation: What's Happening with Drug Courts? A Portrait of Adult Drug Courts 2004" (Washington, DC: Urban Institute, June 2011), p. 21.