Treatment and Rehabilitation Services Provided by Drug Courts in the US

"Some services were offered by drug and mental health courts equally for adult and juvenile participants. Individual counseling services were the most common and were used in the vast majority of drug courts (94%) and mental health courts (95%) for both juveniles and adults (appendix table 9).
"For most services, the proportion of courts offering these services differed significantly between those serving adults and those serving juveniles. Services more common for adult drug courts included assistance in locating housing (56% of adult compared to 15% of juvenile drug courts), assistance in accessing benefits (48% compared to 26%), job training or assistance (65% compared to 41%), and use of medication to treat addiction (27% compared to 11%). In mental health courts, these services were also more commonly used by adults than juveniles. Conversely, cognitive behavioral therapy was used in a significantly higher percentage of juvenile mental health courts (81%) than adult mental health courts (72%)."


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